Hello 2017

How is it 2017 already? I know we say this every year... but time really does fly. 

Although for the world in general, 2016 wasn't the greatest year, for me personally it has held some wonderful memories and some truly fantastic moments. When a new year begins its always nice to reflect on that of the past, and remember what made you happy and grateful. Of course, not everything is easy, but it is remembering the good times of the past year that set 2017 off to the right start. A new start. 

New Year's Eve was a fantastic night spent with family and friends. At my Sister and her Husband's Vegas themed house party (inspired by their American Honeymoon), we drank, ate good food, listened to music, danced and gambled (not with real money else I would be extremely poor right now) the night away. We counted down to 2017 in style and started the new year with a bang.

For me, 2016 was quite an important year in my life. It marked the completion of my degree where I was thrilled to graduate with a 2:1 BA (Hons) in Media and Communications. Not only did I graduate, but I also secured my first 'proper' job in the big wide world, and have been so happy putting my degree to use and working as a Communications Trainee since May.

It has also been a big year for my family also, with my Sister getting married to her wonderful Husband back in June. I wrote all about the wedding here, but it was really just the perfect day.

In December, myself and Dan celebrate five years of being together which is a pretty huge milestone (half a decade and all that)! Throughout  2016 we had some wonderful memories together, including a relaxing week away in Cornwall for my 23rd birthday and I'm excited to see what the future holds for us both. 

Looking to 2017, I want to continue spending as much time as possible with those I love. Going to new places and doing new things that put a smile on my face, and on those around me. 

So here's to 2017. Lets hope its a good one!


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