It's All Peachy!

I love blusher, and I think it just always helps in brightening up my face - just generally making me look more alive. I've looked at the Blushing Hearts blushers from Makeup Revolution so many times... but unfortunately they never seem to have the particular colour I want in stock! So, to rectify this - and get such a gorgeous product in my life- I took to the internet to place an order. 

The blush is a triple baked one in the shade Peachy Pink Kiss (from their I heart makeup collection). It is a beautiful blend of three pretty peach shades, varying slighting in tones and brightness. The blush itself transfers well onto the skin, and almost gives a glittery/highlight type quality when applied. As the shade on the left and in the middle aren't quite so pigmented in terms of colour, I like to use those for a more subtle look, but I swirl my brush across all three colours - being sure to pick up the darkest peach on the right - if I want it to be a brighter pop of colour on my cheeks!

I've been wearing this everyday since I got it and I'm really loving the shade. It is quite shimmery, so I think you have to be very careful not to go too over the top... however, it's great to finally have a peachy coloured blush in my collection, and it makes a lovely change from the pinks I'm used to wearing everyday!


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