Sunday Stuff: Edition Two

It's been a lovely weekend. The weather not so much.... but I guess we can forgive that. It is autumn after all.

After a standard 'wild' Friday night spent food shopping cleaning and hitting the gym (I did say it was wild), I'm happy to announce that the weekend vastly improved. Friday night chores are seriously a bore but getting them out the way leaves time for the weekend to be spent doing better things.


It's OK to Be You

People are all very different. Some feel the desire to constantly surround themselves with others, having huge friendship groups and giving off a glowing appearance of extroversion. Others like spending time alone, associating themselves with a very small and very well defined group of friends and enjoying the sensation of being alone. This type of person is often seen to be introverted - shy and self-enclosed, not giving away too much of themselves too soon.


Bath & Body Works Goodness

Bath & Body Works' hand sanitisers are the best things ever. No lie. I always love to pop one in my bag because you just never know when you're going to need it. 

The thing I love most about the Bath & Body Works sanitisers in particular is the scent. Not only do they come in a handy size, but the vast range of fragrances available is incredible... and they don't have that standard alcohol scent usually associated with hand sanitisers. It's a win win situation.