Bath & Body Works Goodness

Bath & Body Works' hand sanitisers are the best things ever. No lie. I always love to pop one in my bag because you just never know when you're going to need it. 

The thing I love most about the Bath & Body Works sanitisers in particular is the scent. Not only do they come in a handy size, but the vast range of fragrances available is incredible... and they don't have that standard alcohol scent usually associated with hand sanitisers. It's a win win situation.  

Since my trip to New York back in 2015, I've been hooked on this brand but unfortunately have yet to venture back America! Luckily since that time I've managed to keep a handy stash of hand sanitiser thanks to the volume I bought during our trip and the kindness of friends/family who have brought them back for me from their USA holidays. 

Just when I thought my stash was gone - sadly popping my final sanitiser in my bag - Dan's family came back from their American road trip with six new bad boys for me to enjoy alongside a few other lovely treats. 

Hand Sanitisers

With Autumn upon us, Bath & Body Works always release some incredible scents to suit the season. From their 2017 autumn collection I've got the 'Hey Pumpkin' and ' Crisp Morning Air' fragrances which are both perfect for this wonderful time of year. As you'd expect, 'Hey Pumpkin' has a delicious pumpkin and cinnamon smell while 'Crisp Morning Air' is deliciously fresh with a hint of sweetness that makes you feel as though you're out for an autumnal walk in the countryside. 

Also along the autumnal lines is the 'Better Have My Candy' fragrance which slots into their Halloween selection. One of my favourites, it has a fruity apple scent that smells good enough to eat. 

With sweeter scents are 'Make S'mores Not War' and 'A Unicorn Ate My Homework'. Not only are they both an amazing shade of pink, but they smell divine too with fantastic balance of sweetness that isn't too overpowering. 

Finally I have 'Black Cherry Merlot' which is another one of my favourites. This has a gorgeous deep scent that I can only describe as a more 'mature cherry drop'. 

Alongside the hand sanitisers I also got the 'Magic in the Air' travel shower gel and fine fragrance mist. With a blend of white iris, vanilla and almond flower both products smell increible and leave your skin scented for hours. Not only does it smell great, the body gel is comprised of aloe, vitamin E and shea butter which lathers up a treat and leaves your skin feelings silky smooth.

I'm so please with all these treats and can't wait to head back to Bath & Body Works (and America I suppose) next year!

What is your favourite B&BW product?


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