The fun parts of moving home!

Later today I get the keys to my new home! After living in the same house ever since I was born, I am upping and moving somewhere new. As well as moving house, I am also changing from living with my mom to living on my own. It's super daunting but really exciting at the same time, and I cannot wait for the independence of having my own place!

These are a few of my favourite decrative items I have recently purchased to go in my new living room. I want the room to have a warm, welcoming and cosy feel, so I've gone for the use of neutral colours combined with deep oranges. Both the candles smell absolutely delicious and will really help to make the room feel like home; and I must say... I completely adore the owl/fox printed woodland type cushion cover (I mean, how cute?!!)

Amber & spicewood scented candle - £4 Matalan
Cinnamon spiced orange scented candle - £3 Matalan
Fox/owl printed cushion cover - £5.99 Dunelm Mill
Orange block coloured cushion cover £4.99 Dunelm Mill
Cushions - £5.69 Dunelm Mill

Unfortunately I may not get chance to blog over the next few days because of moving and having work over the weekend.. but I will update you as soon as I can!



  1. You've picked up some really lovely items. I absolutely love the fox/owl cushion, and the candles are so pretty! x

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    2. Thanks Ella! It's an adorable cushion, and for such a great price! :)) xx