Moving house update #1

I apologise for having not posted in a few days! My aim for this blog was to regularly post (at least every other day... if not everyday), but silly me decided to set it up at such a busy time in the year! So, I went back to university on monday and have already been bombarded with tons of reading, filming and other things to do; as well as already knowing all my assignments and deadlines for the semester (ouch)! As well as this, I got the keys for my new house on Friday, which has meant a super busy weekend for me!

I have a part time job on Saturdays and Sundays, so I've been juggling working both days and moving all my things from my moms house into my new home... resulting in me not getting much chance to do anything I want to, and also having no time to complete any of my uni work (great start to the year)!

Things have gone well though, and already my little house is starting to turn into a home! I haven't actually lived there yet though, as the cooker is currently not working and I still have all my clothes/make up to take up. I'm hoping to stop there for the first time tomorrow night, so wish me luck!

The adorable home items featured in my last post look too cute in my living room and they have already started to give it quite a homely feel! I want to get more cushions for my small sofa, as well as a snugly rug to just finish the room off for the time being; I think this will make it really cosy for the fast approaching winter!

I'll keep you posted over the next few days, and try and put up some photos as soon as I can....or when I get use of wifi!

P.S. my blog won't just be about furniture and decorations I promise (thats only while I'm moving in, or perhaps when I get something lovely for a particular room in the future).

Have a good week!


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