Settling into my new home!

I've been properly living in my new home since monday now and I must say that I have really been loving it from the word go! It is by no means "complete" in the slightest - if a house is ever complete - but I've added loads of my own little touches already, so it's definitely feeling like my own place as opposed to living in some one else's home. 

These are some of my current favourite things in my home, because it's definitely all the little touches and decorations that change where you live from being a house, to being a "home" and somewhere that is a reflection of yourself and your personality. 

Firstly is my owl cushion which has pride of place on my bed! I bought this back in July when I initially thought I was getting my house, so I'm so glad it finally has a place rather then being in a carrier bag at my moms. I had the fairy lights in my old room back home and I just love the gentle light they give off. Turning them on whilst relaxing in bed on an evening makes the whole room feel super cosy and the light isn't too harsh on those tired eyes!

On Tuesday, myself and Dan went to IKEA (love that place) to try an find two sets of drawers for on either side of my bed... then continued to spend the rest of the evening building them! I really like that each set of drawers comes with this little compartment you can have in the top drawer if you desire. I have only used one, and for me, this has become a little area to store all my most used and favourite items of makeup! 

The adorable clock (Asda living) is hanging in my living room, and was a moving in present from my sister and her fiancĂ©. I love how neutral it is, but how pretty and different the style of it is at the same time... and as a bonus, it doesn't tick too loudly!

I bought my colourful tea, coffee and sugar jars from Debenhams, with the plan of making my kitchen a colourful and creative looking space. I adore baking, so I wanted my kitchen to be fun and inviting for me and my guests. At the moment however, I only have tea in the one tin and the other two remain empty! I'm not a very big "normal" coffee drinker as I prefer lattes, caramel macchiato and just LOVE the nescafe millionaires shortbread latte sachets, so I really need to get some coffee just to keep incase any visitors fancy a drink. As for the sugar, I literally cannot stand having sugar in my tea, so until I get some for baking purposes, this jar will also remain empty.

Finally, are my Cath Kidston knives and forks (I also have a matching mug)! Strangley, my kitchen has no drawers (I know right!), so I was in a bit of a dilemma about where to store my cutlery. After going into Asda the other day, I spotted this large jar and thought it would be perfect to stood them in and I'm glad I did buy it because I think it works really effectively and it's great to be able to see the beautiful pattern of the Cath Kidson design showing through the glass!

Well thats me done for the day, I'm hoping that my next post will be non house related and something more engaging for my other followers. So check back soon!



  1. I have nominated you in the One Lovely Blog Award Tag, I hope you re-create the tag!

    Faye-Ann X

    1. Thanks lovely :) I'm going to do it in a little bit xx

  2. absolutely love this!! looks amazing, hope you're fully settled now! I've also recently moved to uni!:) xx

    1. Thanks Emma! I Hope you're having fun at uni! What are you studying? :)

      tanith xx