One Lovely Blog Award!

I want to thank the beautiful Faye-Ann for nominating me to do the "one lovely blog award" tag, so go check her out here and don't forget to say hi!

The idea of the award is to share seven facts about yourself and then nominate seven bloggers to do the same! It's a wonderful way to get to know more about the people behind the blogs you read, and I feel privileged that someone is interested enough in what I write about to nominate me to do this!

So here goes.....

1. I'm currently 20 years old, but turn 21 next Thursday!

2. I've just started my second year studying a BA undergraduate degree in media and communications.

3. I play acoustic guitar, piano and sing. I have written a few of my own songs over the years.

4. I have a slight obsession with "Lord of the Dance" (yep, weird)! I've seen it live twice, more times then I can remember on DVD and just love every piece of music in it! 

5. My favourite animals are pandas.....I just can't cope with their cuteness.

6. I did ballet for seven years until I was 14, and got up onto my pointes.

7. I really don't like night clubs. I'll go to one every now and again and really enjoy it... but it's just not my thing! I'd much rather have a chilled night in with friends or a few drinks in a pub, then spend my evening squashed up against sweaty people and listening to repetitive music!

I hope that gave you all a bit more of an insight into my life/personality! I nominate:

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