The best hot chocolate ever!

Saturday was a very long a tiring day. I started work at 7.30 in the morning and finally finished at 16.30 after a nine hour shift! Rather then coming home and having a relaxing evening, I came back to a freezing cold house and to find that I had no gas to my property.... and therefore no heating! Two phone calls to British Gas later, it seemed that I wouldn't be able to get it fixed until the next day at the earliest - and also only if I got up at the crack of dawn to ring them once again.

Long story short, I ended up going back to my moms for the evening/night (she happens to be in Portugal on holiday) and me and my boyfriend spent our evening together there instead..although it wasn't as relaxing as initially planned after all the heating issues at my house. 

Luckily, when I was at work, I'd decided to buy some bits and bobs to make the most yummy hot chocolates ever...and I'm glad I did because they were the highlight of my day!

We had Maltesers hot chocolate (and oh my god it was so delicious, I can't wait to have it again asap) with Nestle Tip Top squirty cream and Sainsbury's pink and white mini marshmallows! They turned out like the photograph above, and I think you can see now why drinking this was the highlight of the day - I wasn't just being overdramatic. 

Just because I love Starbucks, we both had our wonderful hot chocolates out of Starbucks mugs; and despite it only being October, I had mine out of the christmassy mug because why the hell not (the candy cane handle is too sweet)!!

My heating is now back to life and I'm hoping that it doesn't break again any time soon. Fingers crossed!

Happy Monday everyone. Have a great week!



  1. Looks amazing!! Love the pink marshmallows!

    1. They were delicious! I've followed your blog on bloglovin lovely :) xx