A(nother) LUSH Overload

Oh look.... I've been to Lush again! Well there's a surprise (not)!

I mean, I had many valid reasons for shopping at Lush this time - not that you really ever need a reason to treat yourself to glorious bath bombs - firstly I've just had my bathroom refurbished (check out the post here) so I can now have a bath without feel miserable as I did in my old grotty bathroom, secondly there were some epic reductions after Christmas and thirdly I was actually very lucky to be given some products as Christmas presents (winning all round)!

If you want to see what I've got in my stash (and I now really do have quite a stash), then keep on reading!

To be honest, I haven't actually been in to a Lush store for a couple of months now mainly due to the insanity of the Christmas build up and the lack of money in my bank account so I hadn't actually had any of this year's festive range. However, after receiving a few products for Christmas and getting conveniently paid on the 21st December, I decided to have a little gander at their boxing day sale (online of course whilst sitting in comfy clothes stuffing my face) and managed to grab myself a few bits. 

I don't know why, but I only seem to end up buying bath bombs when shopping at Lush. I have tried one of their face masks, soaps and massage bars, however the bath bombs are my complete favourite. Perhaps because they're so damn cool and pretty much all smell incredible. Also, they are quite reasonably priced. I mean, when you really think about it (hard), they are actually quite a lot for what they are (the bubble bars not so much as you get multiple uses out of them), but they are a real treat and a great way to feel relaxed and pampered. 

My wonderful friend Levinia did buy me a Snow Fairy shower gel... but other than that, this post contains 100% bath products. 

In the last couple of weeks I may have already used a Butterbear, Luxury Lush Pud and Star Dust bath bomb - it's been Christmas Ok, don't judge - but fear not, I still have plenty left, most of which I've never tried before which is super exciting. 

- Golden Wonder (bath bomb)
- Peeping Santa (bubble bar)
- Never Mind the Ballistics (bath bomb)
- Northern Lights (bath bomb)
- The Christmas Penguin (bubble bar) 
- Butterball (bath bomb)
- Candy Mountain (bubble bar)
- Magic Wand (bubble bar)

As I've never used any of these products other than the Butterball which is my ultimate favourite (so simple, yet so beautiful, relaxing and nourishing on the skin), I'm not going to attempt in going into detail about what they contain/their scent. It's always impossible to convey scent in writing, so I'm not going to bore you by rambling on in sentences that don't make sense. 

I've got enough to last me for a while.... but I'll definitely be stepping back inside a Lush store very soon to see what else they have to offer.


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