The Beautiful Bathroom

It’s no secret that I love Christmas. While everyone I know was putting up their Christmas tree’s on the first weekend of December, mine was sadly still hidden away in the loft alongside baubles and festive decorations. You see, my bathroom has just undergone a complete refurb, and while I was devastated to have to wait an extra week to get the decorations out, I just couldn’t face making my house any messier then it already was!

I hate living in chaos. So nearly two weeks spent with things dumped everywhere throughout my house and a layer of dust on pretty much everything in sight wasn’t great..... but it was so worth it! Now I have the most beautiful bathroom and couldn’t be happier.

For two years I’ve lived in my house with a bathroom so vile that it depressed me every time I went in. Everything was bodged by the previous occupiers.... and then bodged even more by us to try and make it liveable. Two years down the line and enough was enough! It needed something doing with it.

I won't insult your eyes with a 'before photo'... so without further adieu, here it is!

Now bathrooms definitely aren’t a cheap purchase, and right before Christmas isn’t the ideal time to have to fork out even more money. Saying that, the lovely new bathroom couldn’t have happened at a better time weather wise, since winter is well and truly kicking in.

As someone who loves baths, I can now truly relax in my double ended tub (with waterfall taps) #hearteyeemoji! Whilst before I used to try to unwind in my old bath whilst feeling down about the state of my surroundings, I can now really just soak my troubles away.

The white and grey theme helps make the small room feel larger and brighter, whilst the clean cut lines of the furnishings and tiles give a modern appearance. There are still things I need to buy to finish everything off, but for now, I couldn't be happier!

I am well and truly in love with it.... I’m now just hoping Santa brings me some Lush bath bombs this Christmas ;)


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