The Christmas Tree

The tree is decorated and the house is festive! Christmas is well and truly on its way.

As a child we always had a real tree up in the house at Christmas time and nothing can beat the smell that hits you every time you walk into the room. It really screams Christmas. However unfortunately, with the cost of real trees getting more and more each year teamed with the fact that the living room floor becomes covered in a blanket of needles every time you so much as tap the tree, has meant that artificial is the way to go.

The 6ft tree I have sits perfectly in my living room and is almost perfectly made for the space… despite it being passed onto me from my mom and our old family home. It looks so beautiful decorated with simple lights and a gold/red themed baubles (how very festively coloured).

Teamed with a selection of other lights and decorations (and even a festive village on my windowsill) it really makes the living room feel so cosy and inviting. All that’s needed is to light a few festive candles (can I get a Hell Yeah for Yankee Candle’s Candy Cane Lane and Red Apple Wreath?) and I’m well and truly set for a perfect night in!


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