The Christmassy Day

Yesterday marked my first day off for Christmas! It was lovely only having a two day week, and finishing work knowing that I have two whole weeks off to relax, unwind and refresh.

To be honest, the office on Tuesday was lovely, as although everyone was finishing off work ready for the break, people were in such high spirits and cheerful moods!

For my first day off, I knew I needed to do something festive! Of course a lie in was requied first... but after that I knew I couldn’t just do nothing. I’m determind to see as many people as possible over this break, so yesterday, I started by seeing my lovely friend Lucy.

It’s always a nightmare trying to schedule in seeing each other now that I work full time. With me working all week and Lucy working all weekend while at university, it takes a hell of a lot of planning to find a time we are both free! After meeting up a few weeks back for the first time since July we promised to meet up again over the Christmas break... and yesterday was that day!

With Christmas only a few days away it seemed only fitting to have a festive day. Christmas lights on and a Christmassy film playing. Of course, we popped out the get a festive beverage from Costa... because why the hell not!

It was a day filled with great chats, christmas films, orange hot chocolates and Doritos (random combination) was bliss!

What are you doing in the run up to Christmas?


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