Let's Bake!

I don't bake enough any more. Not because I don't love it (because believe me I do), but one, because I don't have that much free time and two, because then I'd have to eat ALL the cake.

As you'll know if you checked out Wednesday's post, my sister and her husband had a vegas themed house party for New Years Eve, so of course, making cupcakes was in order. After getting a freestanding mixer for my 21st birthday two years ago (best. present. ever), I was so excited to use that bad boy once again as I feel it's been somewhat neglected the past few months.

So, the big decision. What cupcakes do I make?

Ok, I may have been slightly overdramatic in saying 'big' decision..... but I wanted people to enjoy the cakes so they needed to be top notch. Firstly, I made my trusty chocolate orange cakes which never fail to go down a treat. 

These are chocolaty orange infused sponges topped with a delicious swirl of chocolate orange buttercream, a segment of Terry's chocolate orange (well I did get three for Christmas) and an edible vegas decoration! What is not to love?!

For the second batch I went for something a bit different and a recipe I'd not tried out before. It used similar principals to the chocolate orange cupcakes above, as well as my favourite red velvet cakes I also make quite regularly.

If you hadn't guessed by the topping, these are Oreo cupcakes! They are super scrummy chocolate cakes topped with a cream cheese and oreo frosting (amazing) and finished with half an Oreo biscuit and once again, a Vegas decoration (I had to keep to the theme of course)! 

Both recipes are from the Love Bakery 'Cupcakes from the Heart' book by Samantha Blears. It is literally my cupcake bible, and every recipe I've made from there has always tasted divine. 

Are there any other baking books you'd recommend? 


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