A Woodwick Trilogy

It's no secret that I love candles. Especially during the colder months they just really help in creating a warm and cosy feeling environment, as well as helping you unwind after a long day.

I've seen Woodwick candles around a years now and have always wanted to try one... but due to the slightly more premium price I've always walked away. However, Dan kindly bought me one for Christmas and I've been burning it ever since!

So as the name kind of gives away, Woodwick candles have a wood wick (wow, imagine that) that creates the most amazing crackling sound when burning. This creates an added cosyness (I'm making that a word) to the room, and almost sounds as though you have a fire crackling away beside you. It's really something special. 

I received a festive trilogy candle which contains three wonderful scents combined in one medium jar. Not only does it create this beautiful gradient effect of colours within the jar, it also means you get to enjoy three different scents in just one candle! It's a win win (win). 

The first scent, Candy Cane Cupcake smells truly amazing and leaves the whole room filled with a gorgeous and relaxing smell that lingers for hours even once the candle is blown out... I can't wait to see what the other scents have to offer. I'm really impressed with this WoodWick product so far, and now won't shy away from the cost so much as I can really vouch for their uniqueness and quality.

Have you tried a WoodWick Candle?


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