Back to University I Go!

Today was my first day back at university, and therefore my first day of second year (eeeek)! I'm studying an BA undergraduate degree in media and communications, as some of you may have read in one of my previous posts. It combines both practical and theoretical elements... so it can be super fun but a hell of a lot of hard work all at the same time! As it was the first session of this particual module, it wasn't exactly a very taxing day...which is probably a good thing as I had to get up at 6:30am to catch the 40 minute train in and walk there in time for 9 (resulting in a very tired Tanith right now)!

I had a few essential items in my bag today to be sure I had all the bits and bobs I could possibly need for my short session in university. It included......

- Refil Pad (essential for me to take to all seminars and lectures, so I can organise my notes into subject folders later... yep OCD!)
- Papermate Ink Joy Pens (because I cannot look at my notes when they are written plainly in black     ink)
Pocket Mirror
- Student ID Badge with my adorable Cath Kidston Lanyard
- Purse containing all the usual things
- Elle magazine to read on the train
- Collection 2000 cover up stick 
Bareminerals mineral veil & brush (just incase I need to reposer or touch up throughout the day)
- MAC Cremesheen Lipstick in the shade modesty
- Iphone 5C & earphones 

I have only recently bought the Bareminerals starter kit, and I've got to say, I truly love it; so I think I will be doing a post solely on that in the next few days so you get a better idea of what it's all about! Now back home, I'm completing work set today, editing photos and packing up my things as I'm moving into my own place later this week!

Have a good evening everyone.


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