My favourite furry companion!

So this week my boyfriend's (Dan) parents have gone on holiday to New York - firstly may I point out how jealous I am -  to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary in style; which means we have been left to look after this little guy!

Everyone, meet Archie! He is a one year old english cocker spaniel, and is without a doubt the most affectionate animal I have ever met! Four days in, we have had so much fun taking care of him and so far nothing has gone wrong! I don't have a pet of my own as I don't have the time to care for one properly at the moment, so I love getting the chance to see this cutie fella whenever I go round to Dan's house. 

Just an advanced warning, Archie will probably be appearing in many of my blog posts to come because.... just look at him! Who can say no to that adorable face?! 

Hope you've all had a good weekend!


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