It's OK to Be You

People are all very different. Some feel the desire to constantly surround themselves with others, having huge friendship groups and giving off a glowing appearance of extroversion. Others like spending time alone, associating themselves with a very small and very well defined group of friends and enjoying the sensation of being alone. This type of person is often seen to be introverted - shy and self-enclosed, not giving away too much of themselves too soon.

I fit somewhere strangely in the middle but with a tendency to gravitate towards the latter. Yes, I can be outgoing (sometimes) and I do love to spend time with my friends/family….. but I also enjoy being alone. I find I’m very selective with the friendships I establish and the associations I make, not because I’m overtly picking, but because I’d rather have five people I can wholly rely on than 50 people I just know quite well.

You won’t find me out every night of the week doing crazy activities and partying until dawn. Why? Because that’s not me. If I spend more than a few consecutive evenings out and about, I feel an excessive need to be alone. I don’t mean that in a bitchy or depressing way… I just enjoy my own company. I’ve struggled a lot with my mental health throughout my life so far, and particularly so in the past few years. I find that time alone helps me to regroup, collect my thoughts and start a fresh. It’s a break for the hectic and chaotic routine of everyday life and a moment to do whatever the hell I want. Whether that’s taking a bath, scrapbooking, hitting the gym, doing yoga or just enjoying the peace and quiet… it’s my time to be me, let things go and just be in the moment.

There is no ‘right’ way to be and no universal way to live your life. Sometimes it feels like it would be simpler if there were…but then we wouldn’t be Human. We’d be living our lives as though they were instructions written in a manual, and where'd be the fun in that?

If the world was full of extroverts there would be a constant bubble of noise and chaos, and likewise, if it were full of introverts then there's a chance we may never progress forward. It’s hard to know how we would operate either way however I believe the balance of the two keeps the world turning. Sometimes not understanding and not knowing the intricacies of your own mind can be scary, however it’s that discovery of ourselves that makes us who we are. The wonderful, amazing, fascinating people we are.


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