Sunday Stuff: Edition Two

It's been a lovely weekend. The weather not so much.... but I guess we can forgive that. It is autumn after all.

After a standard 'wild' Friday night spent food shopping cleaning and hitting the gym (I did say it was wild), I'm happy to announce that the weekend vastly improved. Friday night chores are seriously a bore but getting them out the way leaves time for the weekend to be spent doing better things.

Saturday morning was my lovely friend's wedding dress fitting! With only three months until her big day things are getting seriously exciting and it was amazing to see her dressed in a beautiful gown. She's the friend I've known the longest, since we were three years old and playing together in nursery. It's strange to see her taking this next wonderful (and huge) step in her life... and I can't wait to be a part of the day!

The remainder of my Saturday was spent with my boyfriend, popping out and about before indulging in yummy food and watching continual episodes on Netflix. Pretty perfect if you ask me. 

Sunday was a great one too, spent sipping' coffee with my fabulous friend Levinia ( After spending virtually every day together for years at university, it's now (sadly) a rare occasion when we get to meet up. Our schedules always love to clash, and often it's nigh on impossible to find a day to suit us both. 

As is standard for us, we spent the majority of our time in Starbucks (I mean where else) indulging in peppermint mochas and catching up of life. It's so wonderful to have those friends that no matter how little you speak or how long you spend a part, all goes back to normal - like a click of the fingers - when you're reunited. 

The remainder of my evening is set to be a relaxing affair. After squeezing in another workout, I plan to spend my time soaking in a dreamy bath of silky bubbles, reading In The Moment magazine - a fantastic new monthly edition focussing on all things mindfulness- and painting my nails.

As I discussed in Wednesday's musings, I find spending time alone important to keep my mindset in a state of equilibrium. So, after a lovely weekend spent with family and friends, the perfect way to round off my evening is to indulge in a good old pamper session.

I'll soon be feeling 100% ready to take on a new week; so come on October, I'm ready for you!

What have you done this weekend?


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