Snow In Love!

Who doesn't love a good candle?! I know I do! Although sometimes I find that some candles can be rather overpowering, and while it's great that they fill up the room with fragrance, occasionally when I want to relax, I prefer something far more subtle.

Yankee Candle's Snow in Love is exactly that.

I received this small jar of the candle in a Yankee Candle set of two for Christmas (it also came with the Christmas Eve scent), and whilst it's supposed to be one of their wintery/christmas fragrances, I find it's pretty universal and could be used all year round. It is a soft and slightly creamy/powdery scent, but with a slight hint of woodyness (yep, I'm making that a word), so it replicates a beautiful snowy wintery walk. 

When you smell it directly out of the jar, I find it smells quite powerful and almost perfumed, however when burning, the scent is completely dialled down, filling the room with the most beautiful, relaxing and subtle fragrance imaginable. 


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