For The Love of Books!

I really love reading. Especially before I go to bed. I just find that getting into a book you love completely helps to relax your mind, and is just the perfect way to escape from the stresses of everyday life. 

Right now - as a final year undergraduate - I am in the midst of writing my dissertation, creating my final year production project, applying for masters courses and applying for jobs.... so yep, things are pretty busy! I've been spending so much of my time with my head buried in academic/theory based books whilst getting my literature review written up, and I really wanted to be able to enjoy reading something I actually wanted to read, as a way to turning off my mind from the madness of University.

Since I just adore book shops and flicking through the millions of different pieces of writing they have to offer - be it fiction or non-fiction -, I popped into Waterstones a few days back, and may have ended up buying a few more books then I'd originally intended too...

Oh well! They should last me for a while!

Firstly, I grabbed a copy of Lisa Eldridge's 'Face Paint', as I've heard so many people mention this recently. The book - which has a beautifully colourful cover and sturdy hardback finish -  goes through the history of makeup, right up to the way we know it today.

Next, I spotted a book called 'Not That Kind of Girl' by the creator and star of the TV series Girls, Lena Dunham. To be honest, I'd never seen/heard anything about this one, but after reading the back and having a quick flick through, it seemed like the sort of book that would be an easy read and something I could leave and come back to without getting lost! It's a collection of brutally honest (a quite personal) essays about her life, and after starting it the other day, I can tell you that I'm really enjoying it so far!

Finally, I got 'Reasons to Stay Alive' by Matt Haig. At age 24, Matt went through a terrible time with mental illness and almost took his own life. This book is said to be a 'moving, joyous and funny exploration of how to live better, love better and feel more alive.' It's not my usual kind of read, however as someone who suffers with anxiety, I feel it may be an inspiring and beneficial book to give a go! Also, it's currently the Waterstones non-fiction book of the month... so that can't be bad at all!


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