Urban Decay - De Slick!

I've always been a girl who struggles to keep her makeup in place. I can leave the house with it looking wonderful.... but give it 20 minutes out in the elements, and I may as well not have bothered! It's annoying, because I love makeup. But after applying a lovely look, its all pretty much gone off my face again in barely any time (frustrating as hell).

I've heard many people go on about the variety of different setting sprays that are available to buy, but I've never really understood the 'hype'. They are products that you mist over your skin (after applying makeup), and they claim to help keep everything set and perfect for longer! 

I was lucky enough to be bought this Urban Decay De Slick Setting Spray by Levinia as a wonderful little Christmas present, so since then I've been testing it out to see if it really does help to keep my makeup in place. 

Because my skin type is generally combination, and I am prone to oily patches and breakouts; she bought me the perfect product for my skin - yep, she knows me too well! Urban Decay's De Slick is aimed at oily skin, and helps to control the oils your skin produces, which can often be the number one bandit in ruining your makeup!

When spraying the product over your face, it feels extremely fresh and cooling which is a lovely step in itself to add in to your morning makeup routine. It takes a few minutes to dry down, but after that it is invisible on the skin, and just helps to keep everything looking matte. To be honest, I'm not one to love a matte makeup finish, and I always tend to go for a bit of a glowy/dewy look, so I was a bit concerned by the fact that the product claims to keep everything look 'matte'. However, while it does matte things down a bit, I find that everything still looks as dewy and fresh as I like (which is fab!). 

I think my skin will always be prone to running my makeup after a while anyway, but I've definitely noticed the way it lasts much longer when I use this setting spray compared to the days when I don't... so I'm really happy about that! 

You can get this 30ml travel size (which is great, as you don't need to use much each application anyway!) for only £9 from Urban Decay; and if you love it just as much as I do, then the full size (118ml) is £21. Of course, if you don't have oily/combination skin, then Urban Decay do sell another setting spray (the All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray), which you may find to be better suited to your skin type.


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