Five Happy Things!

Whilst the photograph for this addition of 'Five Happy Things' isn't particularly fitting for the current snowy weather here in Englad.... the beautiful colours captured of a sunset on my favourite beach in the UK (Mawgan Porth in Cornwall) were too good not to use!

There's been many things recently that have made me happy, so as always with these posts, it's time to reflect!

1. Myself and Levinia have come up with some kick ass ideas for our degree's final year project, and we've met some really wonderful people who we will be working alongside over the next few months!

2. Last week I received my highest ever university mark (78%) for an assignment I worked so hard on. It was such a fantastic feeling to be able to see all that work paying off!

3. I'm off work this week, and whilst a lot of my time will be spent revising, I get to see some lovely friends and spend time with Dan on his birthday (which is on Thursday)!

4. I finally feel like I'm starting to figure out what it is I want to do after university; and for someone who has never had a clue what they wanted to do when they 'grow up', it's making me feel far more excited for the future!

5. I've been getting back into yoga and going to the gym the past couple of weeks and it's already making me feel a million times better! Super happy to be getting back into it, and I'm hoping I see some improvements in my body over the year!

What's making you happy?


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