The Prettiest Mirror!

As we all know, it is always pretty handing to keep a compact mirror of some sorts in your bag for on the go. I mean, who knows when the wind and rain might hit and totally ruin your hair/leave mascara half way down your face.

Over the years, I've had several different compact mirrors, but when I received this one from Ted Baker for Christmas, it instantly took over as my new favourite!

It's a completely beautiful rose gold outlined mirror, with a pink and peachy toned pattern on the lid and a simple and plain rose gold back. Inside, there are two really great sized mirrors (one more magnified) which make using it on the go really easy and convenient. Also, it is really light in weight, and the perfect size to pop in your handbag.... making it even better!

It's too beautiful, and I absolutely love it! I also like to pretend the 'T' on the lid is for Tanith as opposed to Ted Baker.....


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