Stay On Track!

This year I seriously need to get in shape. I know that everyone says this at the start of a new year.... but for me, it's most definitely true - my sister's wedding and my graduation are in the pipeline! To be honest, I'm not too unfit or unhealthy, it's just that I don't feel happy with how I look right now, and I want to work my way back to how I was a couple of years back, when I felt really confident and happy with the way I looked!

I've already started getting back into a gym/fitness routine, so I just need to keep up with that side of things; however, I find it so hard to cut down what I eat or change my diet to be overall more healthy and balanced. After all the christmas chocolates - some of which are still stashed in my cupboard - getting back to healthy eating seems impossible. I generally find, that if I don't plan what I'm going to eat in advanced, then I'll literally just grab whatever is in the cupboards, and usually, that's something quick, easy... and most likely unhealthy!

When I was doing my weekly shop in Aldi yesterday, I spotted this super handy planner (£2.99), which I'm hoping is going to get me back on track.

So basically, this magnet backed planner (perfect for on the fridge) contains two separate lists to keep your weekly meals on track. On one side you have a view of what you're going to eat for the entire week, and on the other, there's space for your shopping list; both of which are easy to tear off once you're done with them! 

I really find planning in advanced helps to keep you on track, and also it means you only buy what you need for that particular week - helping to save you money!


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