A (Pretty Epic) LUSH Haul!

Ooooops, I spend money at Lush (again)! Ok, it was the January sale and all of their wonderful limited edition Christmas products were so very cheap.... so how could I resist?  I decided to pick up a couple of products I already know and love, as well as give lots of new bits a go; while the products were all a lot cheaper than normal, it seemed only appropriate to delve into something new.

So what did I get this time?

Ok first, let me just tell you that the moment I accepted this box of goodness off the postman, I could already smell all of the amazing products inside before even opening it up! My whole living room was filled with the scent of Lush, and I absolutely loved it. I've never actually made an online purchase from Lush before, and to be honest, I was really impressed with the way everything came securely packaged up. To save the environment (hooray) non of the products came in paper bags that you usually use when making in-store purchases, however the products were divided up with bits of cardboard to hold them securely in place, and then the box was filled to the brim with little polystyrene pieces. Lush products can be quite easily broke, so I was glad to see that so much care had been taken when packaging my order up for delivery, and it meant that everything arrived to my door in tip top condition!

Name: Dashing Santa
Tried Before? - Nope!

This cute little bath bomb really does look like Santa rushing off to deliver presents on Christmas Eve, and this is totally what drew my attention to it. Scent wise, this product contains mandarin oil, bergamot and orange, giving it a beautifully fruity and uplifting scent 

Name: Yog-Nog 
Tried Before? - Nope!

While I haven't previously used one of the Yog Nog bath bombs, I have had a smell of it in store, so I knew it was one I liked! With more of a subtly spicing scent, Yog Nog contains spicy clove and ylang ylang for a really wintery fragranced bath time experience!

Name: Father Christmas
Tried Before? - No

I've smelt this in store a few times over the last few months, and while it has a sweet scent similar to candy mountain - a product I'm not too keen on the scent of - I always feel as though this doesn't smell quite as intensely sweet (like candy floss), so I thought I'd give it a try whilst it was a bit cheaper. 

Name: Cinders
Tried Before? - Yes!

Cinders is one of those bath bombs that just smells like Christmas, and while it doesn't do anything spectacular to your bath water, it is still one of my favourite festive products from Lush. If you want to feel utterly cosy and relaxed, then this is a must have product for winter. It smells almost like a mulled fruit punch, with a deliciously scented combination of orange oil and spicy cinnamon leaf oil (to name only a couple)!

Name: Magic Wand
Tried Before? - No

Since these got released, I've stood with them in my hand in the Lush shop contemplating whether or not I should purchase one. Like cinders, this is a warm and spicy festive scented product, but in the form of this adorable star shaped bubble bar - meaning you get multiple uses out of it! The idea, is that you swirl the product around in the bath and they make gorgeous frothy bubbles for you to relax in! I just love the idea of this product, and its even better that it looks completely perfect!

Since the Lush Christmas gift sets were also on offer, I thought I'd pick one up for myself since they all contain a variety of different products. The one I chose was Fire Cracker, which comes with one Intergalactic bath bomb, one Experimenter bath bomb and one Candy Mountain bubble bar. 

Name: Intergalactic 
Tried Before? - Yes

Now, this bath bomb makes the most amazing space looking bath.... it's incredible! Its scent is both fresh and uplifting, containing peppermint and grapefruit oils!

Name: The Experimenter
Tried Before? - Yes

This particular bath bomb is just so cool to look at, with all its bright colours and unusual shape! Scent wise, I think this has to be one of my favourite Lush products to smell, as it is a heavenly combination of fair-trade vanilla and vetivert oil, making it such a relaxing scent to unwind in. 

Name: Candy Mountain
Tried Before? No

As mentioned above, I've never really liked the smell of the Candy Mountain bubble bar, as it is so candy sweet I feel as though it would give me a headache if exposed to it for a long period of time; however, since I received one in the FireCracker box, I think its only fair to give it a try.... I mean who knows, I could be completely converted?!


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