A Perfect Day

On Thursday 2nd June, we all gathered together in Cornwall for a beautiful wedding. The most beautiful wedding I’ve ever attended….. and the most emotional. It was the wedding of my wonderful sister and her fantastic (now) husband. Weddings in the UK are always hit and miss, mostly due to the unpredictable weather, however, the sun blazed down on us the entire week away in Cornwall, and on the day of the wedding, the sky was blue, the sea looked like something you’d find abroad, and the sun was shining. Of course – being British – the weather, as gorgeous as it was, was too hot! I know, we’ve always got something to complain about. In my beautiful marine strapless dress I was relatively comfortable in the unusual heat…. But the lads were suffering in their full suits and cravats so much so, that most of them got changed as soon as the opportunity arose.

I’m pretty sure my sister was the most calm and relaxed bride to have ever walked the earth, and so the morning of the wedding was calm and collected. Being a 3 o’clock ceremony, we had plenty of time to get ready and enjoy the build-up before the wedding commenced, and it really was such a wonderful morning. It began with breakfast with my mom and sister, filling up on delicious food to keep us energised for the busy day ahead. The photographer arrived at 10am, followed by the hairdresser at 10.30. With the room slowly filling up with people, make-up, hair tools, camera equipment, and later, flowers, it was getting quite crowded, however it didn’t feel like it as everyone was so calm and at ease.

Whilst getting ready, a family friend knocked on the door and handed over a bottle of Prosecco they’d kindly bought for us to enjoy. It was so thoughtful, and so the remainder of our time getting ready was spent taking photos and sipping on ice cold glasses of bubbly.

With the time of the wedding quickly approaching, we laughed, captured unforgettable moments, and chatted about the excitement that awaited us downstairs. The ceremony itself was perfect, with tears shed (by most people) the second my sister and mom (who was giving her away) walked down the aisle to Red Jumpsuit Apparatus’ ‘Guardian Angel’. Beautiful vows were spoken, promises made, signatures signed.

After canapés and glasses of Cornish Rattler cider, we all trekked down to Fistrel Beach for photographs. Now, since the wedding was in half term week and the weather was boiling, the beach was rather crowded. We traipsed onto the sand in suits and dresses all paired with flip flops and sunglasses, fought our way through the beach mats and windbreaks towards the sea and a slightly less crowded segment of the sand. People clapped as we walked on, and the moment was a combination of perfect and hilarious.

After the photographs the sun was blazing as we all ate a delicious BBQ and sipped on ice cold beverages. Afterwards, speeches were made and more tears were shed. Day moved to night seamlessly; the dance floor got full, people were drunk, people were happy, people were in love... and at the end of the night, the room was filled with smiles and the warmth of life long promises made.

It was truly magical.


(All photographs taken/edited by This Life Photography)

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