When Morning Comes.....

I don’t mind the mornings…. Well, not too much anyway. The night before an early start I sit longing for a lie in, but generally once I’m up and out of bed, things never seem too bad. Of course, getting up during the summer when the sun is already out and the outside world is bright is far easier than the dark, cold winter months, but I try and do several things each day (no matter what the season) to try and get myself kick-started and ready for the day ahead.

This post seems somewhat fitting now that I work a ‘normal’ full time job, with Monday to Friday hours. Prior to starting here I didn’t really have a routine as such, and every day was different. Over the past three years there were some days where I had university first thing in the morning, some days when I had it late in the day, and other days when I didn’t have to get up for anything at all. Alongside this I worked weekends, which meant getting up at 5.30am on a Saturday morning to start my retail based job at the joyous time of 7am. I feel like I’m finally getting back into a routine and my body clock is finally adjusting to my new schedule (hooray).

So, during the week, my day’s start something like this…..

At 6.50am my alarm goes off. I’m not one to hit the snooze button. I never have been…. I’m not sure why, but I think that if I hit that button of doom then I’d never want to get out of bed. I find getting up straight away helps me to wake up quicker and part ways with my comfortable bed until it’s time to snuggle back down in the evening.

I open my curtains. In the winter this step doesn’t really make much difference with the pitch black sky still looming over us, however in the summer, opening the curtains the second my feet hit the floor helps to let the natural light into my room and really aids in the process of waking up. Once I see the sunlight it almost helps to mentally prepare me for the day ahead as it signifies the beginning of another day.

Time to wash. To save time, I shower on an evening before getting into my pyjamas, so in the morning all I need to do is have a quick wash to freshen up. Splashing my face with cold water really wakes up my senses, and after drying off I apply my face cream (the effeclar duo+), deodorant and dry shampoo if necessary.

Make up. Now, I don’t really apply much makeup on a working day because to be honest, I can’t really be bothered to do so. I wear the same makeup on a daily basis during work days, and then it feels like a lovely little treat being able to spend more time and use more products when getting ready on the weekend. I generally don’t wear foundation, so after my moisturiser has sunk into my skin I pop on some concealer (I use the collection lasting perfection) to just cover any redness or blemishes before applying a bit of bronzer and blusher to add warmth to my pale complexion. I quickly brush through my brows and add the Maybelline brow drama just to add a bit of colour and hold them in place before finishing off with a light sweep of eyeshadow (usually from the Urban Decay Naked palette) and coat of mascara and popping on some lipbalm to rehydrate my lips.

Eat breakfast. I’m one of those people who has to eat breakfast….. my day just doesn’t get off to a good start unless I have food in my belly, and I find myself completely lethargic and weak feeling if I miss this crucial meal. At the moment, I’ve really been enjoying making myself French toast as although it takes a little bit more time and effort to prepare, it’s like a wonderful little treat to set me up for the day (which is particularly good on a Monday morning). If I don’t have time to cook something more substantial, then I usually just reach for some wheetabix, which taste particularly great with warm milk, banana and a sprinkle of cinnamon. To prepare my French toast I get two pieces of wholemeal toast and dip them (both sides) in a whisked egg before placing them in a frying pan (I use frylight instead of oil for cooking) and cooking through on both sides. Once cooked, I pop them on my plate with a side on natural yoghurt, blueberries and strawberries before sprinkling with sweetener and cinnamon. It doesn’t take me long to devour this delicious meal, but I plonk myself on the sofa with a big glass of water and a mug of hot water with lemon, watch a Youtube video and try to pace myself when eating.

All that’s left to do before heading out the door at 8am  is to brush my teeth and get dressed. I always like to pop my work clothes on as late as possible because 1. I always end up spilling something down me otherwise, and 2. I prefer to spend as long as is humanly possible in my pyjamas. I normally either make up an iced coffee for the journey, or grab a Costa on route to get my coffee fix prior to starting work, then all that’s left to do is make my 30 minute journey to the office and get on with the day ahead.

How do you start your morning?


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