The Best Nail Varnish Formulas!

Another posts about nail varnish? Really Tanith? errmmmm yes, I have no shame. 

Since my blog began last September, I have written one hell of a lot nail varnish posts, because I just can't get enough! As much as I love all different brands of nail polish and the colours/formulas they create, I have recently decided on, what I think are the best nail polish formulas I've tried.

In my personal opinion, the Revlon Colour Stay collection have got to be the best formula I've tried, I  just wish they had a larger colour selection. They dry quickly, have a high shine finish and an almost gel like consistency which gives them great longevity. I find that once I've used one of these polishes (I have queen of hearts (red) and hold em (purple)) they last for a great length of time without chipping and still look just as good as the day you first applied them. 

More recently I've tried the Barry M Sunset Daylight Curing polishes, which again, have a fab formula (you use the colour polish first followed by the top coat) and I have been extremely impressed with how long they last for. I still prefer Revlon's Colour Stay varnishes however, as they take less steps to create such a flawless finish, so are much better for those in a hurry!

What are your favourite nail varnish formulas?


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