Just Add Bubbles!

Well, bath season is well and truly upon us. Of course, I'm not saying that you can't possibly have a bath at any other time of the year, because hell, I do! However, the colder weather has suddenly arrived here in the UK, and when its chilly and dark outside, then what is better then soaking in a wonderfully warm bath?!

I find that when I feel cold or under the weather (as I have been at the moment), relaxing in a hot bath filled with amazing scents just helps to warm you up, soothe any aches/pains and just generally make you feel soooo much better (and relaxed... of course)!

As much as I love LUSH and the amazing bath products they create, I can't afford to be purchasing bath bombs left, right and center - as much as I'd love to - as my bank balance wouldn't be too pleased with me. So instead, I turn to alternative products that are just as wonderful, but a fraction of the price especially in relation to how many uses you get out of them.

Enter the Imperial Leather Paradise Island bubble bath.

I've always been a fan of Radox and the heavenly scented bubble baths they create (my particular favourite being their muscle soak). However, when at work a few days ago and on the hunt for a different bath product to help make me feel more myself again, I spotted that the Imperial Leather bubble baths (or bath creams as they call them) were on offer for only £1! Yes, you heard me correctly, £1! How fantastic is that?

Of course being the sucker I am, I picked myself one up - I went for their Paradise Island scent with peach nectar and vanilla bean - and on Monday, treated myself to a super bubbly bath. 

Now on the bottle it says 'nourishing', and I can 100% agree with that claim! The bubble bath (of which you don't need to use much as it lathers up extremely well), leaves a silky texture in the bath and afterwards my skin felt extremely soft and nourished. As for the scent, well.... its gorgeous. It's a very subtle sweet and fruity scent that makes you forget all your worries and just enjoy your indulging moment of relaxation.

Have you tried any of the Imperial Leather bubble baths?


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