A Changed Opinion!

When I first tried Benefit's 'Roller Lash' mascara (a free sample of which I got in Elle magazine), I was pretty cynical to say the least. I found it did nothing miraculous to my lashes and wasn't worthy of the £19.50 the full sized product costs. There was no added appearance of length or volume, and to be honest, they looked just generally clumped and messy. I felt the mascara didn't benefit me in the slightest, and I found this disappointing after hearing so many amazing reviews of the product. 

However, a few months down the line I am here to say (with my hands up in the air) that I was wrong. Completely and truly wrong. 

I honestly have no clue why my opinion has been changed so drastically; perhaps it has something to do with the way mascaras tend to dry out over time (often making them better in my opinion) - who knows- ... but now I just love this mascara.

All the things I used to think it didn't do, it now does! So long as I curl my eyelashes prior to applying Roller Lash, they look beautifully curled, long and separated. The only thing it doesn't do for me is add volume, but I'm fine with that. If I want a more dramatic look, I'd reach for my Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara.... but for a simple/elegant daytime look, this product is just perfect!


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