Get Organised!

Every year I think 'I'll get a diary/agenda to keep me organised.' But, as with most things, it never actually happens. However, as I'm just beginning my third year of university, juggling heaps of work (including my dissertation), as well as my job and any placements I may do, I thought a diary would most definitely be needed. 

After seeing one of the agendas on Jemma's Blog (Dorkface), I couldn't stop thinking about it, and a couple of months later, I finally got my hands on one! 

Not only is it a 17 month planner that goes from August to December next year (all separated into cute sections within the agenda), but it also gives you an over view of each month as well as a week by week sections with more space to write. You can't not be organised with this diary! 

Also, if that wasn't already good enough, I got it in this most beautiful floral pattern (two other designs available), which just looks perfectly sophisticated whenever you pull it out of your bag! Although, fear not; if like me, you aren't really all that sophisticated, this agenda caters for your inner child, with a page covered in stickers to use throughout your planning (yippie)!!

Want to get your hands on one? As is an American brand, its relatively difficult to get in the UK, with shipping directly from their site costing extashionate prices. However, I found a page on their website which shows where you can get one here in the UK (I got mine from ASOS)! Find the page here.  (You're Welcome)!


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