Mac Lipstick Favourites!

Who doesn't love a Mac lipstick? Their formulas are amazing no matter which finish you go for, and as for the colour selection they have to offer... well, wow! To be honest, I have never owned many Mac lipsticks myself (although I have tried a lot), however, it is safe to say that I've 100% adored each one I've had.

So, I thought I'd share with you my favourite nude & bold Mac lipsticks, because they are incredible (as well as smelling delicious)!

The nude shade (Modesty) has to be my all time favourite colour and the one I reach for virtually every day. It comes in the Cremesheen finish which has a slightly glossy/shiny look and while feeling extremely comfortable on the lips, leaving them soft and hydrated! Colour wise, it is the most gorgeous pinky nude, which on me, is most definitely that 'your lips but better' shade that everyone longs for when doing an 'everyday' makeup look.

The deep red (Dare You) is another Cremesheen finish, and definitely goes up there as my favourite red lipstick. I was looking for a shade exactly like this for what seemed like forever before stumbling across this colour in the Mac store off the Champs Elysees in Paris (thank you Mac)! As soon as I swatched it I was in love and didn't leave the shop without it. For me personally, it isn't the kind of shade to wear in the day (I'm not brave enough), but I love whipping this one out for an evening out somewhere as its deep red shade just looks totally incredible. 

What are you favourite Mac lipsticks? Which do I need to try out next?


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