Lets Colour!

Who said colouring was only for children?! Recently the shops have been filling their shelves with adult colouring books, which means that now, this really isn't the case. Colouring is something that can be enjoyed by everyone, and is incredible at helping to relax the mind - whether you suffer from stress, anxiety or just want a way to unwind.

For a while now I've been meaning to pick one up for myself, because the child inside me really wanted to colour in pretty pictures once again, now that it seems to have become deemed acceptable by society (not that I couldn't do it before if I'd have wanted to)!

I was a tad overwhelmed by the sheer selection of books there were to choose from, but decided on this Colour Me Mindful book by Anastasia Catris (£2.99 at Sainsburys), mainly due to its handy size and beautifully patterned designs. Of course, I then had to pick up some pretty coloured pencils (damn), and managed to get this pack from Bic for only £1 - bargain!

I've loved sitting and colouring since I got this book and have found that it really helps me to relax -day or night. There is such a wonderful sense of satisfaction when you finish a beautifully coloured design!


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