Youtube (Take Two)!

A while back now I uploaded a few Youtube videos to my own little channel, however, the more I've thought about it, I've come to realise that they didn't particularly consist of what I really want my channel to be about.... that being life. 

Rather then solely focussing on beauty type videos (since I already talk so much about makeup etc right here on my blog), I wanted to represent the non-materialistic things and try to capture some of the beauty in the world around us. 

I want my channel to show the adventures I have and the things I do, and what better way to document these wonderful times then by creating videos to share with you all.

To be honest, both Helen (Youtube) and Katie (Scarphelia) have completely inspired me recently into trying to change myself for the better, by giving myself a more positive outlook on life. Helen's videos are made with such care, thought and love; and Katie's blog is filled with honest yet breathtakingly beautiful pieces of writing about her life. So thank you girls, I owe this to you!

So...welcome to my Youtube channel (take two)!


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