A Perfectly Pretty Pink!

I'm not normally a pink person. Pink is, generally, is not a colour I gravitate towards; but for some reason just lately, I've been drawn to simple pale pink colours, specifically in the form of nail varnishes. 

I adore the way they look so chic and delicate on the nails, and can leave you feeling pretty and girly (even if the rest of you doesn't exactly look like that)! Now this particular pink polish is Etheral (210) by Rimmel London, and is a part of their 60 seconds seconds super shine range..... and I just love it! 

It is such a delicate and pale shade of pink with flex of shimmer that when catching the light, change into an almost purpley shade. I love how simplistic this colour is, but how those little flex of shimmer transform it into something far more special. 

Now, it isn't the most opaque of colours, and after two coats (which as the name suggests, dry extremely quickly) the polish still looks quite sheer. However, despite not being too bold/opaque, the colour looks even all over, and so the overall look of the polish is perfect. I'm normally all about the opaque and bold coloured polishes that completely cover the nails, however there is just something so gorgeous and special about this particular colour, that makes me not care about it being a far sheerer wash of colour.


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