Lovely Lanzarote

Back at the beginning of July, myself and my mom went on a wonderful break to Lanzarote. Writing this post from within the madness of a working week, its hard to remember how it felt to be relaxed in the glorious sunshine! I would like to spend my time writing a wonderful in-depth article about all the adventures we had and the places we explored; but other than a catamaran trip one morning we didn't do anything! And let me tell you was bliss!

Having not had a 'proper' summer holiday - and by that I mean lying in the sun by a pool/beach - since 2008, a relax in the sun was extremely well needed. We had good intentions to travel to the Timanfaya National Park and up to The Cactus Garden, but sadly that didn't happen. Every morning we contemplated venturing further away from our hotel, however the thought of sipping beverages around by the pool with our heads buried in books was just too damn appealing.

We stayed at the fantastic Hotel Costa Calero which is located in Puerto Calero (otherwise known as the 'Millionaires Marina'. It is worth noting that the town has no beach, however instead is situated on a beautiful marina. A far quieter area surround with designer shops and a nice selection of restaurants and cocktail bars, Puerto Calero was the perfect location for our trip.

So after staring at all these beautiful photographs I will be closing my eyes and pretending I'm back in paradise.

I definitely want to take a trip back to Lanzarote and properly explore the island... but this time round, relaxation in the sun was exactly what I needed.


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