Sunday Stuff

For me personally, Sunday is a bit of a weird day filled with anxieties and preparations for the week ahead. It can sometimes feel like a wasted day spent waiting for Monday to roll round once again. It's a real pity... but I'm sure I'm not the only person who feels this way.

However that being said, if there's a day in the week when you can treat yourself, it is most definitely a Sunday. If you only do only one thing today, make it a simple act of self care. Whether you spend ten minutes or several hours treating yourself to something that makes you happy, it's so important to take time to unwind. In today's society it's easy to be constantly absorbed in what is going on and always obsessing about whats to come.... but sometimes we just need to turn off and be in the present.

This Sunday, as we welcome in the first weekend of September here's what I'm doing to show myself a little bit of love. 


I'm one of 'those' people who says "I don't have time to read".... which is sooo terrible. I love words. I love to write and I love to read, so not making time to do something I enjoy so much is somewhat criminal. I find myself getting caught up in a busy schedule and not allowing myself the time to enjoy  the things I love most. So, this Sunday I'm making time to do exactly that. You'll find me soaking in the tub ready John Green's 'Looking for Alaska' alongside the lovely 'In the Moment' magazine (a great one for mindfulness and self care). 


Once again, I never moisturise my body. It's another one of those tasks that 'I just don't have time for'.... which is pretty darn ridiculous seeing as it takes no time at all to do. After my bath this evening I'll be slathering my skin in the beautiful Coconut Body Butter by 'Inecto Naturals', breathing in the scent and pretending I'm a walking coconut. 

This body butter is particularly good for a Sunday pamper session as it has a really thick and luxurious consistency which takes slightly longer to soak in to your skin then your average moisturiser. That being said, it's 100% worth the extra time spent walking around in your towel to allow time for the product to soak in.


My skin is having a bit of a moment again where I seem to wake up with a new spot every morning.  I'm really loving this L'oreal Pure Clay Detox Mask as it's great at drawing out the impurities in your skin and leaving it feeling clean and smooth. Once washed off I'm always sure to use a thicker face cream however, as this mask tends to dry out the skin slightly. 


I find painting my nails so therapeutic. It's something about the process of picking out a nice colour and spending time completing the application that is really rather relaxing. Normally, I just slap on a colour quickly after work, don't allow it to dry properly and end up chipping or ruining it within minutes. When I do it on a weekend however, it forces me to sit relax while my nails are drying, giving me that extra time for a well earned break. 


Hand cream is an essential for me. I can't stand the feeling of dry hands, so I never go a day without slathering my hands in some delicious smelling hand cream. I've always been a fan of the Soap and Glory hand creams... however since picking up this Creightons Vanilla and Macadamia Cocoon one from The Range (for only £1 may I add) I've found myself a new favourite. For such a bargain price it has the most heavenly scent and feels so thick and luxurious when applying, leaving your hands super soft and hydrated for hours.

So that's what I've been enjoying this Sunday. What have you done to treat yourself?


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