Merry Christmas, Everyone

So it’s now Boxing Day and I’m sat stuffing my face with every kind of food (chocolate, cheese, turkey… you name it)! To be honest, why would you spend Boxing Day in any other way?!

I’ve never been one to rush out shopping as soon as the sales begin. One because I hate routing through sales racks and two because I think Boxing Day should be spent with loved ones. It’s an extension of Christmas Day. For me, Boxing Day has always been spent at home, watching films, eating good food and enjoying good company… and this year it’s no different.

I’m extremely luckily to be surrounded by my wonderful boyfriend, aunt/cousin and mom on this relaxed day, and soon we will be joined by my other aunty to give out even more Christmas presents. As lovely as it is to receive gifts, what I like most about Christmas is getting presents for all my loved ones and seeing their faces on Christmas day when I give them out. I mean, this year I’ve been slightly less extravagant with gift giving, mainly due to being skint after forking out lots of money for my bathroom refurbishment… but that doesn’t take away the magic. It’s not about how much you spend, it’s about the gesture and thought of giving those you love a little something to enjoy (no matter how big or small).

I was extremely luckily and received some truly wonderful gifts from my family (more on that later in the week), but most of all I enjoyed a day of relaxation. Christmas Eve was the same, and I’m going to make today no different. Christmas only comes round once a year, so it’s best to make the most of every second while you can…. shopping can wait.

So today, as I sit in my comfy clothes surrounded by those I love, I make a toast to you all. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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