An Instax Christmas

I've always loved photography. I have far more cameras than any one individual should own, but yet I found myself extremely excited to be unwrapping another one on Christmas day. This time it was an Instax Mini 8 in the gorgeous pastel blue colour.

I've wanted one of these cameras for years. I know the films are expensive, and you don't get many shots per film (blah, blah, blah)... but there's just something so exciting about taking that one shot. You're capturing that single moment, as it is. No edits, no filters. Just a raw, original moment without all that 21st century crap that ruined the truth of a photograph (don't worry I still love my DSLR). 

Just point, shoot and see what happens next. 

I'm 100% amazed that everyone's eyes were open on all these photographs! 

I just love every single photo taken so far and can't wait to get snapping throughout 2017.


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