Two Years of Blogging!

Who would have thought my little blog would have survived its second year?! Not me! Particularly since it’s been a damn busy year what with completing the final year of my degree (and all the madness that comes hand in hand with that) and starting full time work. It would have been all too easy for me to give up. Throw in the towel and just think of myself as ‘too busy’ to blog. Yes, I dropped the ball for a while, and posts weren’t as regular as I’d have hoped, but I carried on. Blogging is something I’ve found myself really enjoying, and seeing my following grow is both exciting and truly humbling. It’s a hobby, and it’s so very important that we all have hobbies and engage with the things we enjoy. I couldn’t throw in the towel and lose something I’ve worked so hard on. I didn’t want to deprive myself of the joy I get from snapping photographs and writing things that are interesting to me… and so, here I am, writing up a little post all about surviving two years in the blogosphere. Two wonderful years.

It’s crazy to think that blogging is actually considered a crucial industry now and one which so many individuals and companies rely on. Yes, the blogging world is so heavily saturated and there are so many creators posting very similar content constantly on the internet. It could be very easy to think ‘why am I doing this?’…. but as long as your posts are written with love and contain individual personality, then people will read them. No, you may not be the ‘next big thing’ and make millions of pounds for writing your opinions online, but if you enjoy it then stick with it.

The first year of my blogging journey felt pretty generic, writing a lot of ‘tag’ style posts and beauty reviews…. But more recently I think I’m really finding my footing and slowly taking things in a different direction. Yes, I still write beauty posts because hell, I love makeup… but I don’t want Things Tanith Did to be pigeonholed into the ‘beauty blog’ sector, because that was never my intention. Things just got pulled into that direction and I suppose it’s because I watch a lot of beauty Youtuber’s and read a lot of other beauty blogs (which I love)… I guess really it was inevitable. I want to write more about other things, things that matter and that are important to me – not that lipstick and eye shadow isn’t important to me, but you get my drift -…. Things that make people think. Of course, these types of posts take a lot of thought, time and effort so I’m not going to be banging out any old garbage in an attempt at grasping on to the direction I want to head. It’s a slow and steady process and one I’m working hard to achieve.

So for now, I guess that all that’s left to say is Happy 2nd Birthday little space on the internet, it’s onwards and upwards from here.

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