My Hero

My Dad was a wise man, full of knowledge about pretty much everything. As well as this, he was kind, loving and my ultimate hero. I like to think he moulded the person I am today. I definitely have his sense of humour, sarcasm and impatience for people... but also I'd like to think I have some of his caring/loving side too. 

Since last Thursday would have been his 57th birthday, I thought I'd post something in homage to him. The man that made my life wonderful (alongside my amazing mom of course)!

On Sunday, my mom tagged me and my sister in a Facebook post written by my dad in 2009. It was one of those "25 things" in which you write random facts/thoughts/hobbies. It was crazy seeing this again and just reminded me of how amazing my dad was..... I also like to think I got my passions for writing from him, so thanks for that too. 

1) I love my wife. She is my partner in life and long may she continue to be! We've been together 22+ years and the time has just flown by. 

2) I love my daughters. I do tend to shout at them a lot, but that's what Dad's do best and I make no apologies for this! 

3) My girls make me a very proud man. I should start telling them this more often. 

4) I love my friends (in a straight hetro way you understand). Some I have know for years. Others are newly made. but you all shape my life. 

5) Food!!!! (Nothing else just "Food"). 

6) Cycling is an uphill struggle! Some days I wish I were 30 years younger but still had the drive and 
determination of a 50 year old (did I just say..... 50 year old?). 

7) Must remember to order a new pair of lungs... and legs too....... 

8) Need to beat 29mins 30sec cycling to work (24MPH average) true veteran time trial pace.... 

9) I intend to re-start competing in Time trials again this year and remind people I'm still damn fast..... 

10) Not long until the start of the tour-de-france. This year my lovely wife and I are going to be on the Champs Eleysee for the last sprint of 2009. Wicked! 

11) Must get out on the mountain bikes in the summer. Maybe drag out a few friends on to the trails in the Peak district again. I just love the High peak trail. 

12) Karate has taken over my life. How can something so basic as a self defence life skill enhance your life so much. 

13) I thank the Black belts at my club from the youngest to the eldest. You all push me further than I think I can go thus proving to me that I can be far, far better than I ever though I could be. 

14) Staffs Higashi... Greatest club in Britain! 

15) Steve and Kev for black belts.... Come on guys you know you both want it and can do it! 

16) June 2009.....Time for1st Kyu methinks. The only obstacle is inside my head. Time to stop thinking and analysing and just do it! 

17) Pete Spanton........... OMG. Nice guy outside the dojo. Damn scary inside. Do I really want to start thinking about putting myself through all of that? Course I do (tries to sound self assured) 

18) Surfing.... time to get up on that board and fly.... 

19) Body boarding.... Fear and fun rolled up in a £8 piece of polystyrene.... How cheap is that? 

20) Time to grow the dreadlocks. Can I really plat an inch of growth ready for the beach? 

21) Must catch-up with a few of those friends I only see once in a while. Malc, Julie, Linda, Pat, Viv et. al. Watchout, there's a hoodie about!!! 

22) The garden needs a good tidy up. Gail needs to make up her mind what she wants me to do with it next. 

23) Need to finish off the extension. Not much more to do, then I can sit back (again!!) 

24) Need to lose all that unnecessary weight I put on over Christmas and in the new year cos of the snow (see 5 above) 

25) I should take up writing. That was really quite good fun.

I just love this, I can hear his voice in the writing and reading it leaves me feeling both happy and sad. It gives me time reflect on and remember everything that made him, well, him. My dad. My Hero. 

As my tattoo says, the words written and spoken by him: "I will not be beaten by my own inability"

Here's to you. It's time to make you proud.



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