A Busy Weekend

What a lovely weekend it was. Normally I spend the majority of my weekends sitting around doing not very much at all…. And while that is nice, it can get a bit boring. I don’t like feeling as though I’ve wasted my two days off, so it’s always good to go out somewhere, even just for a little while. This weekend however, it seemed as though everything hit in one go and everyday there was something going on.


Friday’s at work aren’t bad at all, and it’s great because we get to finish an hour earlier then we do during the rest of the week. It may not seem like much, but that hour makes all the difference, and it’s crazy how much more productive you can feel (especially while the lighter evenings are still here). On the evening we were going out for drinks and a lovely Italian meal for a family friends 50th Birthday so it was nice to have an excuse to spruce myself up a bit and go for a girly night out alongside my mom and sister. I’ve never been to this particular Italian restaurant…. But it was delicious!


Saturday was probably the quietest day of the weekend, which I was totally cool with. As me and Dan don’t get to spend too much time together during the week, the weekends are our time together. So Saturday, we just relaxed and popped out for a while before spending the evening with my family. Unfortunately for my waistline (but not really, because I love food), the evening meant another meal out! What are the chances? It wasn’t anything quite as fancy as our Italian feast the night before, but it was still great. My unclue and cousins had come up from Wales for the weekend and so we all went out for a meal – there were about 12 of us in the end! We just went to a local pub/restaurant which meant cheap and cheerful (much nicer to my bank balance) food. We had a lovely evening again, and it was so nice getting to spend some quality time with everyone.


Now, I literally never do anything on a Sunday. I normally sit around without makeup on for most the day, get some jobs done, go to the gym and maybe go to costa for a drink (and a cake)! This Sunday however, was another lovely girly day. I met up with my beautiful friend Levinia ( who I haven’t seen since our graduation in July – I know, it’s disgraceful! After seeing each other virtually every day during university, it’s crazy that we haven’t met up in so long…. But I suppose work and life gets in the way! Of course, the Starbucks addicts that we are meant that a trip to our beloved coffee shop was necessary and (insert drink) had to be consumed. After that we wandered round the shops and hit up the new Kat Von D stand in Debenhams – yes, Kat Von D is now available in the UK guys…. Remain calm! It was just so perfect being able to do something different with my Sunday and spend it catching up with one of my closest friends.

Now, I’m sure next weekend isn’t going to quite live up to this one, but I’m ok with that!

What did you all get up to?

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