Halloween is Coming

To be honest, I've never been big on halloween. Some people go all out and decorate their houses with tons of decorations.... but that's never been me! However, I do love that halloween means autumn, and cosy nights tucked up on the sofa with a blanket and hot chocolate (or chai latte)!

When Dan's family returned from America with this mini Bath & Body Works candle for me I was pretty excited! I've heard many a great thing about these, with everyone raving about the quality of the candles and the scent they give off. Now, with Halloween on its way, this is a limited edition themed candle... which is actually pretty cool.

Now the name 'vampire blood' may seem slightly strange, but hey, I'll just go with it.... especially since the pumpkin vampire on the glass jar is so darn cute.

I wouldn't really say this is a typical autumn candle scent, but it is seriously incredible nonetheless! Containing notes of blood red strawberry, midnight blooming jasmine and dark Transylvanian plum it has a gorgeously fruity and deep fragrance. It's utterly divine. 

The little jar containing the candle is a great size, and would be perfect for storing small items (rings, buttons etc) in after the candle is completely used up. What I particularly love, is the silver lid embossed with the work 'BOO' in the centre... so cool!

In terms of the candle formula, it really does live up to that Bath & Body Works hype! The fragrance really fills the room when burning and leaves the scent lingering for a while even once you've blown out the flame. In terms of burning, the whole wax melts/liquifies when lit (so be careful), which means the candle burns evenly and sets evenly once again when cooled - hallelujah!

When I next head to America I'll definitely be picking up another deliciously scented candle... because you can never have too many right?


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