Autumn Eyes

Oh hey autumn, it's been a while! 

It's officially autumn once again, and while I'm sad to see the back of the warmer weather, there is something wonderful about this season. Maybe the fact I'm born in October has something to do with it.... who knows!

Now, autumn means it's time to whip out the darker eyeshadows once again (can I get a hell yes?!); so when I saw this technic eyeshadow palette in Tkmaxx the other day I just couldn't resist. Did I mention it only cost £2.99?!! That's literally insane don't you think?

The Colour Max Baked Eyeshadow palette contains six truly gorgeous shades that are all perfect for autumn. Having blue eyes, I just love colours that make them stand out and really pop.... so this selection of more broke and pinky tones just seemed really perfect. 

What I love is how wearable all the colours are. Often, you buy a palette and theres at least one colour that you never end up using.... but with these six shades, there's not a single one that isn't completely beautiful! 

Not only does it look aesthetically pleasing - yes the packaging isn't great but we can look over that - but the quality is amazing! For £2.99 the eyeshadows are so damn pigmented, giving off tons of colour when applied to the eyelid. 

So, it's compact, wearable, super high quality and utterly beautiful! What more do you need?


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