Happy Birthday Grand Central!

Thursday was a lovely evening. After a busy week at work, it was great getting the chance to have a girly evening with my mom, particularly since I never really do too much on the evenings after finishing work. I was lucky enough to be invited to an event at THBaker in Birmingham’s Grand Central shopping centre to mark their 1st birthday of being open. It’s crazy to think that Grand Central has already been open for one whole year… it seems like only yesterday I was visiting it for the first time with everything seeming so different and new. Even now I still love the look/feel of the shopping centre (alongside the new and improved train station), and whilst it doesn’t contain a huge number of stores, there’s still a great atmosphere when walking around. I love how there are yummy food places located all around the circular centre, giving off delicious smells as you browse the shops (not so great if you’re trying to diet). There’s something for everyone in terms of both shops and restaurants, but without it feeling at all overwhelming.

Now, the event was fabulous and definitely felt pretty damn fancy. After drinking champagne and gin cocktails we got to browse the store’s beautiful collection of jewellery, from dainty necklaces to statement watches. It was great getting to chat to other bloggers/press alike while just enjoying the atmosphere of the evening. I particularly loved the Links London stand (below) with some really individual and beautiful pieces. 

Of course, after only eating a few small canapes and drinking a nice amount of alcohol, we definitely needed to get some proper food in our systems. Since there are soooo many great resturants to choose from in Birmingham city centre, and since myself and my mom are both some of the most indecisive people you will ever meet, making a decision wasn’t the quickest process. However, after some deliberating we ended up at Giraffe where I tucked into a truly delicious 'tuk-tuk duck' stir fry! 

It was such a great night and a very different way to spend a Thursday evening after work.

You visited Grand Central yet?


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