Clean Hands!

Never has anyone ever been so excited about hand sanitizers as I was when my sister handed me a Bath and Body Works paper bag. Let’s set the scene shall we? It’s a Sunday evening and myself/my family and my sisters’ in-laws are all round at my sister and her husband’s house after their return from a two week honeymoon in the states. As they’re telling us all about their exciting adventures and the things they saw, they hand out some lovely gifts to us all (totally generous!).

For me, this included a pretty big box of Milk Duds (which were pretty much devoured that evening), a beauty product I’ll be discussing later this week ;) and….. some Bath and Body Works hand sanitizers! Ok, so that was all a very anticlimactic story since I already mentioned what the post is about within the first sentence…. But let’s just go with it.

On my trip to New York last June I fell in love with Bath and Body Works, having never visited the US before in my life. After my first visit I was hooked, and insisted on dragging Dan in at least three more times during our holiday (there was a sale on ok?!). My body mists are still going strong, however to my dismay, my final hand sanitizer (of the ten I’d bought) had just recently run out.

 They’re great, as not only do they have some fabulous scents which all literally smell incredible, but they’re a super handy size and since you only need to use a tiny amount each time, last for ages too!
When I bought my original ones last year, I also picked up a little attachment that can be clipped onto your handbag. It’s proved to be super handy as the sanitizers fit snuggly inside and mean you don’t have to keep going in and out of your bag every time you want to freshen up your hands. Since that time, Bath and Body Works have changed the shape of their sanitizer bottles, so my sister and her husband kindly also bought me a new attachment/dispenser for my bag!

The scents they chose for me were:

Donut Judge Me

Sunlight and Apple Trees

Boardwalk Vanilla Cone

Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte

Perfect Beach Day

I'm not going to attempt to describe the scents, but lets just say they are all heavenly! I think I’m all set for a while again now, I just need to plan a trip to the states for when this lot run out….


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