That Smooth Feelin'

Most of us women find ourselves shaving on a regular basis - or via whichever hair removal method you prefer. For me personally, I go for shaving because it's super easy and doesn't cost much money. The only thing you really need is a decent razor (and maybe some shaving gel), which up until last week I really didn't have.

I've never bought myself a half decent razor because it just seems boring to spend your hard earned money (however much or little) on such mundane things.... but after finding my skin becoming irritated and sore after shaving, I thought that enough is enough... and popped to the shops the see what I could find (without breaking the bank)!

I found this Wilkinson Sword Intuition Ultra Moisture razor for only £5 (normally around £8.99). Its an all-in-one razor that helps to smooth, soothe and nourish the skin whilst you shave. 

The four ultra thin blades are surrounding by a moisturising bar infused with Shea butter which lathers up on the skin once water is added. The razor head pivots a great amount during use which makes it super easy to get in those difficult areas (knees, ankles etc) without any hassle.

It's great to find a product that makes shaving so easy, cutting the need for a million time consuming steps. After use, your skin feels silky smooth and completely un-irritated from the blades.


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