Slimming World | Two Weeks On

I've been wanting to lose weight for a while, as I've mentioned in several posts. Recently, I've been the heaviest I've been fora long time and it's not a great feeling. With my sister's wedding, graduation and grad ball all coming up this year, I wanted to feel happy in my skin for all of these events, and be able to look back on the photos happy with my appearance. 

My sister has been doing Slimming World for almost a year now and has seen excellent results from following the plan. I've never been a fan of partaking in 'diets' as such, but there have been too many people I've known succeed on Slimming World not to give it a try. So, two weeks ago on the 17th of February, I took the leap and joined the group my sister goes to, in the hope that the prospect of a weigh in every two weeks (unfortunately I can only go every other week due to work) might be the kick up the ass I needed. 

Since then I've been following the plan as much as possible, but there have been a few slip ups where I've eaten out with friends and family..... everyone deserves a treat right? Tonight was my first weigh in and I was apprehensive to discover the result. However, to my delight I've managed to lose five pounds, which already makes me lighter than I've been for a long time! Seeing the results on the scales seemed surreal, but it's made me feel really positive about continuing with the diet and hopefully achieving what I want over time. 

I'm hoping to keep posting little updates to share my progress with you all, as well as whether I think taking part in the Slimming World diet is worth it!


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