Five Happy Things!

I've somewhat neglected my little space on the internet recently, and I really hate that. I love writing my blog, as it's my own place to talk about whatever I wish and anyway I fancy.... and I find that pretty darn awesome. However, when university ramps up the pressure during my final semester of third year, it's safe to say everything else takes a seat on the back burner. I promise - to both you and myself - that as soon as I have more time once again, ThingsTanithDid will have the full love and attention it deserves!

So anyway, I thought - mainly since I have no blog photos ready and waiting - I'd pop in a little Five Happy Things post, since you all know how much I love to reflect on what's making me happy!

1. Towards the start of last week I was feeling pretty terrible and totally under the weather, however now I'm finally starting to feel like myself again!

2. Me and Dan have had a few full days together in the last few weeks, which - since I'm so busy - is wonderful. Most of my days are filled with university work or at work, so I've been trying to take one day out of the week to do absolutely nothing. A day to just see Dan, laugh, forget about any of life's stresses and just relax.

3. Myself and Levinia are launching our university final year project blog tomorrow, and after so much hard work, it's so great to see everything coming together. ( if you fancy a read).

4. After my dad died a few years back we planted a tree over Cannock Chase near a spot where he always used to go out bike riding, and slowly but surely it's getting bigger. I haven't had a chance to visit it in a while, but a couple of weeks back on a beautifully sunny winters day, me and Dan went for a walk there. It was great to see how much it has grown, and spend some time out in the fresh air enjoying nature.

5. I only have one more weekend at work before a lovely trip away with my family. Myself, my mom, my sister and two aunts are going to a log cabin (with a hot tub!!) for a long weekend getaway and I'm so damn excited! 

I hope you're all feeling happy and positive about life right now, and if not, try and take little steps each day to lift your mood.


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